Pacific Weaving Corporation History

Pacific Weaving Corporation is a family owned business that has been creating fine home furnishing fabrics since 1977

Video: The Pacific Weaving Story

Pacific Weaving Corporation was founded in 1977 by Andy Sommer to produce drapery “casement cloth” on two dobby looms. Our initial equipment consisted of two shuttle-less weaving machines, a 1930’s model warping wheel, a creel of 120 cone capacity and a 1960’s version cone winder. In 1978 we added more dobby looms to accommodate the increased drapery casement business, which now included inherently flame retardant casements for commercial use. 

In 1982 Pacific Weaving began to manufacture upholstery cloth and by the year 1985 it became our focus. Our yarn inventory expanded to include chenille which became very popular and continues to be one of our most requested yarn today. At Pacific Weaving, we still operate our reliable Dornier looms alongside newer, computerized ones. We keep current with weaving technologies and have the ability to offer a wide variety of designs and services.

Since its founding, Pacific Weaving has operated at our present manufacturing site in San Carlos, California and is one of the only mills of its type that continues to manufacture 100% of its products in the United States. Andy’s son-in-law, Phil Baker now designs the fabric and manages the business. We continue to be a family owned business that employs local multigenerational families who carry on the art of weaving.